True® 4-Gauge 5 pc club Car DS 1995 & Up Battery cable Set U.S.A

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  • 4 Awg HD Golf Cart Battery Cables
  • 5 pc club Car DS 1995 & Up Set U.S.A Best avail
  • 100% tinned copper crimp ends
  • Advanced feature: Sealed with clear adhesive lined heat shrink
  • Brand: True®
  • Model: 5-14-4AWG
  • Terminals fit 5-16ths/8mm studs, 14″ hole center to center
  • Made in the USA by

Standard heat shrink material does not seal the cable ends from infiltration of gasses, acids, and moisture which all result in CORROSION and loss of continuity and eventual failure.

True® brand golf cart battery cables are sealed with adhesive lined tubing that provides water, acid, and gas tight seal preventing anything foreign from reaching the fine copper strands of the cable. As close as you come to a “lifetime” cable.

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