Doesn't matter if it’s the winch that gets them out of the hole that fun got them in or the light bar that shines the way long after dark a second battery is a necessity on many off road rigs.  The True Dual Battery Kit and a second battery allow for the operator to avoid any unforeseen problems caused by a dead or weak start battery. 

The connection between the start battery and accessory battery that powers the winch, light bars, cooler and other things needs to be one that manages power according to need and availability while prioritizing retention of sufficient power in the start battery to insure ignition and primary engine functions.  With a True Smart Battery Isolator this is all done automatically and installation never requires rerouting of the alternator wires or connection to the ignition.  The isolator connects with a dedicated cable between the two batteries and shares a common ground.  Installation can’t get any easier!!!  The True Dual Battery Kit even supplies the cables, zip ties and battery connectors.

  1. Smart battery isolator
  2.  Large dual battery kit
  3.  Medium dual battery kit
  4.  Small dual battery kit