MARINE Battery isolation is nothing new to the marine industry. TrueAm is changing things! Our Smart Battery Isolators are perfectly suited for marine application. Being 100% waterproof, designed to meet marine requirements and to be extremely efficient. Register now to get the prices for marine dual battery switch and dual battery setup boat

Using True Dual Battery Kits allows the simple and efficient installation of a second or multiple batteries to meet any power requirements on board. From the simple isolation of an electric trolling motor battery, allowing it to charge from the main engine when running but protecting your start battery from discharge when not, to making intricate connections between multiple engines start batteries and complex house battery banks on larger vessels TrueAm has it covered. The technology of the True Smart Battery Isolator or marine dual battery kit for boat or marine dual battery switch doesn't require rerouting of the alternator wiring or connection to the ignition thus often saving hours of wire routing time through small inaccessible spaces. The dual battery system for boats are fully automatic and provides appropriate protection against ignition spikes allowing for total protection for even the most sophisticated electronics. Power or Sail every boat with more than one battery will benefit from the installation of the True Smart Battery Isolator.  Get your marine dual battery kit for boats or dual battery setup for boats