trueambatterisolatorBOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Blasts the base of the rad tunes from that bad ass ride... When customers demand the tunes you have to provide the power management to keep the car running when the base thumps deep and hard.Looking for reliable electric battery isolator car audio or automotive battery isolator

The True Dual Battery Kit is the perfect way to allow the cars alternator system to provide charging power to that battery in the trunk with the mean ass capacitor zapping the power to the amp when the low notes are hit hard and long. With a True Smart Battery Isolator the connection between the cars regular charging system and start battery and the big one in the trunk can be managed in such a way to allow the amp to demand as much as the accessory battery can provide but protect the rest of the electrical system from distress. Get your automotive battery isolator or dual battery isolator car audio now!

By automatically monitoring the voltage available from both batteries the isolator connects and disconnects to insure that when there is charging voltage available from the engine the power is pumped to the accessory battery but when the voltage is depleted or not available it isolates the accessories from draining the start battery and leaving your customer's ride stranded in the parking lot at the 7-11. Get your trailer or auto battery isolator or car battery isolator switch now!