As of April 2015 Our All New True UTV dual battery kit (UTV-SBI-15CK) featuring the all new UTV Isolator (UTV-SBI-15).  A complete redesign but still features the time proven PEP® programming.  The newest product addresses concerns expressed by our users and enhances the installation options.  The True UTV-SBI-15 UTV Isolator and its family of kits allows you the dealer the opportunity to fulfill your obligation and provide your UTV/ATV customers with exactly what is needed to meet the electrical requirements of today's accessories.

trueamatvutvEvery UTV should come equipped with a True Dual Battery Kit, Period! The latest statistics show that 92% of UTV owners add one or more accessories to their vehicle that will require the electrical management and reserve capacity that can only be met by a properly isolated second battery. Dealers who want to provide honest and complete service to their customers that are investing thousands of dollars in these vehicles owe the customer to at least inform them the need for the second battery installation.

TrueAm has done the research and designed the product to meet the unique needs of the marketplace. Now that we offer the opportunity for the dealer or service shop to educate and provide the product to the consumer it is up to them to educate their customers and preserve their own reputation. Time and time again dealers have contacted us because one of their customers has come in insisting that the dealer installs a True Dual Battery Kit because they know what happens without it. We make it easy for the dealers with no minimum order size and quick 2 to 3 business day delivery. Here's what one dealer had to say when he contacted us. I have a customer that wants one of your kits installed in his Ranger. We explained that nearly every UTV sold has the need for one of our isolators.

We suggested he purchase a 4 pack of kits to get started but he insisted on just the one unit for the existing customer so we complied. Six days later we received a call from him asking for 4 of the True Dual Battery Kits as he already had 2 more customers that wanted them after hearing they are available. This scenario repeats itself time and time again. As a dealer if you do not offer your customer this product you will likely lose at least a portion of his/her business to either the internet or your competition across town who does handle The True Dual Battery Kits.

  1. I’m interested in purchasing one of your products

  2. how do you order A product

  3. drhogan

    Michael you can purchase one of our [products by going to one of our online retailers. Here is the link to our online stores page:

  4. drhogan

    This is our wholesale dealer only site. If you are a dealer and want to handle our product then please register at

  5. I could not agree more. Dealers should give their honest and complete service to their customers. I highly recommend this.

  6. TR

    How would I wire your battery isolator between both batteries and all my accessories? My second battery (Odyssey PC-1200)bigger then stock polaris battery. I have multiple accessories (Multiple LED lights, Stereo Amp, blinkers, etc..) That I plan to wire up to my second battery? I would also like to have a kill switch to shut both battery off when my RZR is in storage? Of course I would maintain batteries with trickle charger to keep primary battery charged at all times? Please advise the best wiring for all that I’m trying to do or tell me if I’m over complicationg things?

  7. drhogan

    Installation of our SBI is very simple. It is installed with red cables between your first battery positive terminal and your second battery positive terminal. Since the unit is dual sensing it doesn’t matter which battery is connected to which post. Next step is to make sure all battery and the isolator’s black wire share a common ground either through the frame or by wiring directly between the negative terminals of both batteries. The small schematic diagram on the back of the SBI label is a perfect example of how to wire the isolator. First thing it to move any accessories to your second battery so that the Isolator can protect your start battery. General rule of thumb is to wire everything except the stock headlights and ignition functions to the second battery. If you are maintaining your batteries during storage with a trickle charger then there is no need for a “kill” or disconnect switch as the isolator will connect the two batteries when the trickle charger brings the connected battery to 13.4volts thus allowing one trickle charger to maintain both batteries. If you are going to store the unit without the trickle charger then you can simply wire a small toggle switch into the ground wire of the isolator to form a disconnect “kill” switch. Only problem is then you have to remember to flip that switch when you use your vehicle. To avoid having to remember you could automate the switch by using a relay wired to the ignition for activation so that when the key is in the “on” position the relay is connected and the SBI is functional. If you must have the “kill” disconnect switch the relay activated by your ignition wired into the ground wire of the SBI is your best choice.
    If you have further question please feel free to call 509-991-0385 for direct technical assistance.

  8. My kit did not come with a wire diagram how can I get one?

  9. I have looked at most brands, what makes yours better? Why have some of your unit failed? if they do when? I need a unit that will last. I take my good old dad out with me if we break down it could be life or death. Please take the time the convince me this is the type I need.


  10. drhogan

    Our unit is currently the only unit designed specifically and entirely for application with a stator charging mechanism. Simply labeling a product as such does not make it so. Internal programing and physical design standards must meet the demands of UTV application and users needs. We have an occasional failure due to water intrusion which occurs if the housing gets cracked by over tightening nuts or screws or something compromises the sealant protecting the pcb. We are currently experiencing a failure rate of less than 1/10th of 1 percent.

  11. drhogan

    Accessories should all be wired to the second battery reserving the primary battery for starting and basic engine and unit functions. Our UTV-SBI-15 makes the connection between the two batteries and manages the charging output of the stator, whenever available, to help charge and maintain the secondary accessory battery.

  12. drhogan

    It would be best to give a call or send an email so we can forward the specific directions for the product you have.

  13. drhogan

    Give us a call and we’ll discuss your specific desires. If you are using a trickle charger when parked there is no need to install a disconnect. However if you wish to disable the isolator for some reason, a manual toggle switch in the ground wire for the isolator will accomplish that in the simplest way possible.

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  15. My True Am isolator is clicking abd flashing the blue light very rapidly and is not charging my second battery,, it also looks like there’s moisture inside of it,,I checked the wiring and anything else I possibly could, never failed me before

  16. I have a kawasaki Mule 4010-Diesel which has a 50A altenator. I am running a Boss plow and LED auxiliary lights. I want to install a second battery and isolator to keep the main battery from draining down (during idle). Which model is best for this application?

  17. drhogan

    Any kit with the UTV-SBI-15 in it

  18. Can I get your products in Canada?

  19. drhogan

    Most of our online dealers will sell into Canada.


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